Move the Goalposts (MTGP) is a multi-partnership education and diversionary initiative targeting ‘hot spot’ areas throughout South Lanarkshire utilising football as a ‘tool’ to divert young people with ‘chaotic lifestyles’ aged between 12-25 years from gang participation, acts of violence, antisocial behaviour, alcohol and drug misuse whilst encouraging young people, parents and residents to help create an improved sense of wellbeing in their communities.

MTGP operates all year round, 4 nights per week, Thursday to Sunday, from 6-10pm for a minimum of 12 weeks at each location. MTGP has been on-going since October 2008 and has exceeded all expectations. Youth related crimes and incidents within a 1 km radius have been reduced by up to 82%, with an average reduction of 48%. Attendees have gone on to participate in a wide range of alternative activities and interventions which would not otherwise have been undertaken, resulting in sustained crime reductions, aiding communities to flourish by breaking down barriers, encouraging community participation and actively increasing community wellbeing. Extensive evaluation is carried out at all stages of the initiative with attendees, parents, residents and partners to ensure maximum results.

Download the application form: TII01 3 – ‘Move the Goalposts’

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