‘Would you do something simple to help your child’s development?’ The Big Bedtime Read (BBR) is a simple, low cost but remarkably effective way of improving parental engagement in a child’s early learning. Research shows that by reading a bedtime story parents can raise their child’s achievement and attainment as well as building their own parenting capacity and that by intervening early we save on spending later in life.

This project aims to ensure that every child in Midlothian receives a bedtime story at least 4 nights a week and uses the Model for Improvement to learn and share what works at improving engagement and ensuring reading happens. This approach requires projects to think big, start small and spread from the bottom up with all stakeholders working together in partnership to achieve the improvements required. The BBR started small with 2 parents in one site and has grown to involve around 100 families across 6 sites, with 7 more sites ready to start.

By using this approach the Council has been able to develop a robust but flexible model of practice which allows the BBR to quickly and easily be adapted and implemented across all communities. Parents have reported improvements in their own reading, confidence, wellbeing and self-esteem as they witness how their actions are making a positive difference for their child and for themselves.

Download the Application Form: The Big Bedtime Read