‘The Be Part of Someone’s Memories’ campaign has been one of the most successful fostering and adoption campaigns in Scotland.  With a national shortage of carers and increasingly stiff competition from a growing number of independent providers, the project has allowed Glasgow’s Families for Children team to approve more adoptive parents and foster carers for the city’s most vulnerable children.

Recognising the growing need for fostering and adoption services in Glasgow, the campaign had an ambitious objective to encourage more people to come forward as potential foster carers or adoptive parents and  to reduce reliance on alternative placements.

Working with existing carers and adopters, as well as children, the highly cost effective in-house team to developed the powerful ‘be part of someone’s memories’ campaign.  The project benefitted from the support of a host high-profile celebrities, including childhood memories from celebrities including Billy Connolly and Clare Grogan, and included an innovative text response service and high profile advertising in the city

This highly successful campaign led to a significant rise in people from all over Scotland coming forward as potential fostering or adoption carers,  and has already resulted in 113 new approvals- well in excess of the projects’ initial target, and with more in the pipeline.

Download the application form:  Be Part of someones memories