Day 5…no electricity, no food, no money, no fuel, no mobiles or landlines, a desperate situation. This was the crisis the islanders on Bute found themselves in January 2012. Resulting lessons learnt identified a need for Argyll & Bute Council to improve its own resilience in weather related emergencies but also to ensure that our communities and the individuals within them are better prepared for severe weather.

With the council leading on a project with our other category 1 and 2 responders and the third sector, a handbook was created that has helped communities to create their own community emergency plans which allow them to work alongside statutory agencies in low-risk activities and enable a quick return to normality. These plans came into fruition in the snow storm which affected Kintyre in March 2013 where 20 foot snow drifts closed the only road and electricity was off for nearly a week. To date, 66% of community councils in Argyll & Bute are in the process of creating plans with 23% completed. The project is heralded by the Scottish Government as an example of best practice and was recently showcased at the Scottish Government’s Voluntary Sector and Community Resilience Seminar.


Download the application form: Community Resilience Project