Renfrewshire, like many other Local Authorities, faces problematic community safety issues.  Many negative social demographic factors exist and to make long term sustainable progress towards addressing them, a holistic partnership approach was required.

A review of Community Safety led to the development of a “hub and spoke” model to direct, manage and co-ordinate strategic development/joint tasking, enforcement and front line mediation activities. Renfrewshire Wardens Service, Strathclyde Police and Anti Social Investigations Team are co-located in the ‘Community Safety Hub’ within Renfrewshire House, and strong links with other services and community planning partners established.  A collaborative partnership approach targets offenders, supports vulnerable members of the community, ‘pools’ resources and shares information to address the issues of violence and antisocial behaviour.

The “Street Stuff” initiative is a partnership approach by Renfrewshire’s Community Planning Partnership and involves a range of local partner agencies including the Strathclyde Police, Strathclyde Fire & Rescue, SFA, Engage Renfrewshire, St. Mirren FC, McGills Buses and Renfrewshire Council. The project provides youth diversionary activities that divert young people away from antisocial behaviour in identified hotspot areas at key times and venues. All activities offered by Street Stuff are free of charge.

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