Lanarkshire Community Bridges Project supports prisoners with addiction issues, serving short term (four years or less) at HMP Addiewell to develop achievable reintegration plans for their release back into their community. 

The men have been convicted of a range of offences, in many cases repeatedly convicted, including housebreaking, breach of the peace, drug use and dealing, assault – including serious assault, police assault, racial offences and road traffic offences. Some have previous convictions for culpable homicide, robbery, armed robbery and the use of firearms.

The core element of the project is its ‘follow through’ between prison and community and the staff’s networking with key agencies like addiction services, housing agencies, benefits office and major voluntary organisations. Unlike other services, individuals do not deal with different key staff between prison-based planning and returning home. This approach allows for preparatory arrangements to be in place, where possible, prior to release and the build of the relationship between staff and individual offenders. This helps establish the responsibility of the individual for his reintegration with support from staff.

On a number of measures, the project is making a tremendous difference in breaking the cycle of reoffending by the men concerned and improving outcomes for them, their families and communities.

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