Dundee’s Dallfield Regeneration Project is changing the lives of 336 tenants.  With the assistance of the Community Energy Saving Programme, Dundee City Council is providing energy efficient homes which tenants can heat for around 30% less cost, thanks to a new district heating system and insulated render on the properties.

To secure this investment, the council made it part of a wider regeneration project which has transformed the appearance of the buildings, improved housing management, tackled crime and anti-social behaviour and left a community legacy in the form of a residents’ lounge and community space.  A multi- agency local action team was set up to support the planned investment by tackling the area’s poor reputation.

As a result of the achievements of the Council, its partners and the local community, Dallfield is now a sustainable community where demand for properties has increased and 85% of people offered a property now accept at the first offer, compared to only 15% before the initiative began.

Download the application form: Dundee Dallfield Application



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