Crowdfund Angus is a bespoke crowdfunding platform that allows businesses, individuals and community groups to campaign for funding to achieve their goals. Angus is an area which consists mainly of micro (88.5%) and small (10.1%) businesses.

In times of diminishing resources one of the challenges is to provide support and opportunities for growth to the business community, whilst also encouraging further enterprise from new and emerging talent. Community groups and individuals were also struggling to source funding as a consequence of gaps or reductions in funding support from traditional funding streams offered through the council or national funders etc. Angus Council Funding, Policy & Projects Team are receiving over 50 enquiries a month from organisations seeking financial support, and it was time to find an alternative solution to fundraising and this came in the form of Crowdfunding.

Crowdfund Angus is a new innovative way of showcasing local projects, ideas and businesses through a video, blog and funding campaign. It has enabled local projects to fulfil their funding needs, gain support, validate their idea and start engaging the crowd to support Angus and Scotland as a whole through growing their business, empowering community groups and helping individuals to achieve their dreams. This project is the first of its kind in the UK delivered by a Local Authority and has been showcased as an area of good practice.

Download the Application Form: Crowdfund Angus