Young people deserve a curriculum which meets their needs, engages them and allows them to fulfil their individual potential. At Newbattle we built on a very successful platform of integrated learning called Newbattle Peak Performance and developed our Academies.

Looking ahead to the Senior Phase of Curriculum for Excellence, we sought to build personalisation and choice into the pathways available to our pupils. These young people have been able to pursue their interests and develop their talents on a scale never previously available. They have been able to develop star qualities and deep learning in individual subjects. They have used their knowledge from several subjects and put them together to make a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Their learning has become more relevant and more real, their aspirations are being realised and their success rates have risen dramatically as a result, delivering excellence.

How dramatically? Our pupils’ academic results have improved every year for the past five years, and last year they achieved the best results in the 42 year history of the school. That dramatically!

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