The ebook revolution has been fully embraced by South Ayrshire Council.  in July 2010, the Council became the first Council in Scotland to provide a free e-book and e-audio book downloadable service to Library users, providing South Ayrshire Library users free access to the new and exciting world of e books – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

In September 2011, South Ayrshire Council became the first Council in the world to publish an e-book in a range of formats that would allow it to be borrowed via the e-book lending service, but also purchased throughout the world via Amazon and as a POD (Print on Demand) item in paper form.  This innovative approach has generated much interest from other Councils nationally and from across the World.  South Ayrshire Council have taken the very bold step of embracing the e-book revolution and the concept of moving into the “e-age” has been driven forward enthusiastically and positively by the Libraries team.  This demonstrates South Ayrshire Council’s commitment to the importance of keeping libraries accessible and relevant to the lives of 21st century citizens.

Download the application form: SII 18 Embracing the E Book Revolution