‘The Street’ is a project that uses hard hitting, immersive theatre to discourage young people from engaging in anti-social or damaging behaviour by exploring the potential damage it can do to themselves and others.  It encourages young people to think before they act, to take responsibility for their actions and to be aware of the potentially serious and dangerous consequences of destructive or anti-social behaviours such as vandalism, knife crime, domestic violence and alcohol abuse, that are all too common in their social environments and backgrounds.

The project has impacted on reduction in criminal activity by targeted perpetrators within communities (by up to 29%) as well as delivering nationally recognised ground breaking innovation in addressing anti-social behaviour, whilst increasing public reassurance.

The first of its kind in Scotland, ‘The Street’ Project presents best practice and excellence becuase its targeted, diversionary approach, is owned and delivered by at risk young people, aimed at young people involved in, or on the brink of becoming involved in, youth disorder and anti-social behaviour.

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