To secure its workforce of the future, Fife Council is investing £1m every year to create youth employment opportunities through the Workforce Youth Investment programme (WYI). Set up in 2013, it places young people in employment and training within Fife Council.

The roles created focus on sustainability and business need – allowing the Council to build up a pipeline of young talent, who are both engaged and loyal to the organisation. The programme is targeted towards apprenticeship and trainee roles in the areas where workforce planning has highlighted there are opportunities and business need.

The Council has even created bespoke apprenticeships to meet a need not currently met within the national frameworks. As a corporate parent, the Council has have provided pre-recruitment training for looked after children (LAC) and are matching their career aspirations with opportunities within the Council.

This approach makes good business sense, and gives young Fifers opportunities to gain real job experience with training and the opportunity for a career in local government.

Download the Application Form: Workforce Youth Investment