During the downturn in the private sector and the increase in numbers of construction firms going out of business, Fife Council, Building Services became aware of the number of apprentices who had lost not only their positions with these organisations but also the chance to complete their apprenticeships. 

Fife Council has a vibrant ‘Modern’ apprentice programme and Building Services normally employs between 20 and 23 first year apprentices every year.  They had recently extended our apprentice scheme to allow us to employ adult apprentices and could see that there was an opportunity for us to employ some of the displaced apprentices.  A robust selection process starts every March and enjoys an extremely high volume of applications.

Building Services’ management team could see the opportunity to help these displaced apprentices become time-service operatives whilst at the same time providing Building Services with skilled labour to meet future projects and they took the decision to go ahead with this project.   Once information on the suitability of each apprentice had been collated the council selected 17 to move into its apprentice programme.  This meant they would have the opportunity to complete their four year apprenticeship alongside the other apprentices that are working in Building Services.

Download the application form:  SWF 07 Displaced Apprentices