The Edinburgh Guarantee is Securing a Workforce for the Future for the City through its vision that all Edinburgh school leavers will be guaranteed a Job, Training or Education.  This major new project recognised that before the Guarantee was made, nearly 500 Young People were exiting the School System in Edinburgh and going into unemployment. 

A Council led collaborative action between the city’s private, public and voluntary sectors, the Guarantee has built a relationship with over 150 Employers, including strong support from major companies such as Standard Life.  The Council is also making its own contribution of 50 Apprentices each year, 80 training places and an Employer Offer.

In the 18 months since the Guarantee began, over 1000 opportunities have been identified, including 680 potential jobs, and 270 Young People have been placed into a Positive Destination.  As a result, Edinburgh has already rapidly improved its school leaver performance and looks set to improve further through innovative work with Business Leaders to deliver the city’s Youth Employment Agenda, and a major budget commitment for 2013/14.

Download the application form: The Edinburgh Guarantee