Falkirk Council
Backing Falkirk’s Future


As the largest employer in the Falkirk area, the council confirmed its commitment to “Backing Falkirk’s Future,” by adopting a policy integrating the development of the future workforce with increasing the number of Falkirk School leavers entering work based training and employment as a positive school leaving destination. The Corporate Management Team supported by cross party members established a challenging target in August 2005 that 5% of the workforce (full time established posts – per annum) would represent young people recruited via Modern Apprenticeship or Skillseeker Opportunities. To date 92% of the target has been achieved with 4.6% of the workforce comprising of Skillseekers or Modern Apprentices in the last report to Council in December 2009 from a baseline of 1.7% when the project commenced.

Download the application form: BACKING FALKIRK’S FUTURE

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