SERVICE INNOVATION AND IMPROVEMENT – Angus Council and North Lanarkshire Council – On Track With Learning

SERVICE INNOVATION AND IMPROVEMENT – Angus Council and North Lanarkshire Council – On Track With Learning

The new curriculum for Scotland, Curriculum for Excellence, aims to ensure that all learners in Scotland develop the attributes, knowledge and skills they need to flourish in life, learning and work. National sets of experiences and outcomes for eight curriculum areas have been developed across five progressive levels to plan and assess learning.

Angus Council and North Lanarkshire Council education officers developed a shared vision to ensure staff across all schools were given appropriate support and guidance to implement the new curriculum. In both local authorities there has been a clear focus on planning for quality learning to help all staff develop a shared understanding of intended learning for all learners. This has led to improved approaches to planning, assessing, tracking and profiling learning.

As a result of this shared vision, a small team of officers from North Lanarkshire and Angus collaborated to develop ‘On Track with Learning (OTWL)’. This is a comprehensive, powerful and highly innovative web-based tool which enables staff to plan, track and profile individual pupil learning and achievement within the new curriculum for pupils aged 3-15 – this is known as the Broad General Education phase. National requirements within the new curriculum in relation to planning, assessment, tracking and reporting on individual pupil progress in learning are being fully achieved through effective use of the tool. Through time this will facilitate the improvement of pedagogy in all schools and support schools to raise individual pupil attainment and meet learning needs more fully.

In addition to Angus and North Lanarkshire, a further 8 local authorities are currently piloting the tool in their schools. OTWL is currently being integrated into the national management information system for schools (SEEMIS) which is used by 28 of the 32 local authorities in Scotland. Once this work is completed, the tool will become available for use by all 28 local authorities in August 2013.

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March 16, 2017