ONE TO WATCH – North Lanarkshire Council- iGraffiti

ONE TO WATCH – North Lanarkshire Council- iGraffiti

The North Lanarkshire Graffiti Service has undergone significant change in recent years. From being a reactive paper-driven administratively intensive activity, the use of mobile smart phone technology has quickly helped the council redevelop a proactive service that is supporting the communities of North Lanarkshire to live in a pleasant, safe environment, helping local communities to flourish, becoming stronger, safer places to live, and offering improved opportunities and a better quality of life.

The development of Smart technology is also assisting in providing data and evidence for the council and the police in terms of social cohesion and anti social behaviours. The new technology does not replace the practical skills of the graffiti teams whose training, knowledge and experience provide them with the skill sets needed to carry out the variety of tasks involved in removing graffiti, such as colour matching paint. However it has proved effective in reducing manpower time to administer and upload data, reduced travelling for squads, intrdoduced the ability to communicate urgent workload, and provided data for use by Police, Local Area Partnership boards, and Community councils .

Download the application form: OTW 20 i-Graffiti (Graffiti Removal Through Smart Phone Technology)


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March 16, 2017