LOCAL MATTERS – West Dunbartonshire CHCP – Link Up West Dunbartonshire

LOCAL MATTERS – West Dunbartonshire CHCP – Link Up West Dunbartonshire

Older people, their carers and local health and social care services are working jointly to help older people maintain their independence by ensuring that local people quickly and effectively make contact with and receive the right support and services that they need.

West Dunbartonshire Link Up assures older people that they can have access to a range of community health, social work and third sector services through a single point of access. This service was developed in response to feedback from across West Dunbartonshire from older people and their families; it reflects local and national priorities and crucially is giving older people access to the right help at the right time.

This is a community and older people led provision, supported by CHCP and facilitated through CVS. It relies on the trust and confidence of older people as volunteers; whose existing community contacts and expertise have been harnessed to create a community wide web of intelligence and knowledge on the range and type of supports available across West Dunbartonshire.

At its core, this example of innovative, sector leading practice sees an Integrated Health and Social Care Partnership working in a practical partnership with the Third Sector Interface to deliver increased community capacity and client centred care without significant financial resources.

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March 15, 2017