COSLA CHAIRPERSON’S AWARD- East Ayrshire Council- Positive Play in Prison

COSLA CHAIRPERSON’S AWARD- East Ayrshire Council- Positive Play in Prison

East Ayrshire (EA) Positive Play is an integral part of the Early intervention and Prevention Service within East Ayrshire Council’s Vibrant Communities section. Committed to the Vision for East Ayrshire and delivering results in line with the East Ayrshire Community Plan, EA Positive Play works with children, families and whole communities to ensure improved quality of life using unique, asset based approaches.  

The project facilitates a range of community based universal services whilst focusing on delivery of more specific, targeted work with and for the most vulnerable and isolated children and families connections to building natural community supports. The Play in Prison element of this, which supports prisoners and their families by encouraging positive play, bonding and attachment, was introduced in 2011/12. The project provides positive play experiences for prisoners, their children and families in the most natural environment possible – sessions are more akin to an after school club for example, than a regular prison visit. They have also proven to be an excellent incentive for good behaviour within the prison and assist imprisoned parents and carers in maintaining meaningful contact with their children, thereby reducing reoffending and improving outcomes for parent and child.

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March 14, 2017