ACHIEVING BETTER OUTCOMES – Angus Council – Tattie Tastic

ACHIEVING BETTER OUTCOMES – Angus Council – Tattie Tastic

Glamis and Eassie Primary Schools and Angus-based seed potato business Agrico UK Ltd have been working collaboratively on a project known as the ‘Tattie Tastic’ project. Now in its fourth year, the partnership has involved two classes of Primary 6 & 7 children from the two schools joining the business for a series of interactive lessons.

By using the potato as a mechanism to teach them all about business and growing crops, it has helped shape their understanding of the product and the potato industry in the area they live, as well as showing them the extensive career opportunities that exist within the food manufacturing industry.

The children’s skills improved in terms of working in a team, communicating and sharing their ideas. The programme also facilitates building relationships with others both in class and outside of school, particularly for children who find school a challenge. Agrico gives the children a different learning environment from what they are used to, and supports teachers to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills.

Next steps are to roll the project out to the rest of the school, pre-school to P5 pupils with P6/7 pupils leading the project back in their own schools.

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March 15, 2017