The Perthshire Kitchen Project was an ambitious, five year, £33.4M housing improvement contract, which aimed to install & completely refurbish over 7000 Kitchens for the benefit of our customers. Not only will P&K Council meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) regarding kitchen capacity it will improve on the standard through our own ambitious high specifications and the Perth & Kinross Council Standard Delivery Plan.

The main objective of this project was to include our customers from the conception and design stage to completion, giving them the choice of what they wanted and meeting their individual needs.

In 2005, Perth & Kinross Council commissioned a 100% housing stock condition survey, the results of which found that 72% of our kitchens would fail to meet the SHQS.  The latest housing stock condition survey commissioned in 2009, highlighted that 98.8% will now meet the SHQS.

Download the application form: PS010 Perthshire Kitchen Regeneration Project