Dundee City Council
Dundee Peer Education Project

In the last nine years, the Dundee Peer Education Project (DPEP) has successfully developed and delivered peer education across Dundee. The project has developed an effective model in Dundee to tackle issues relating to drugs, smoking and alcohol using peer-led methods to inform and educate young people. Since its inception in 2000, the project has linked successfully with schools and communities, developing peer led approaches to raise awareness and share information regarding drugs, alcohol, smoking prevention, transition and other issues integral to the context of young people’s lifestyles.

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Applications for this category reflect the key role that councils have in tackling health inequalities and improving health and wellbeing. Whilst improving the health of the general population is important, it is also about targeting interventions to decrease health inequalities. Applications may reflect work taking place in specific subject areas, or in terms of policy development. This might include mainstreaming tackling health inequalities and improving health as a core activity of the council, working in partnership with relevant agencies and local communities, building ca-pacity for the health improvement agenda and integrating health improvement and the health inequalities chal-lenge into partnership strategic and service plans.