West Dunbartonshire Council responded to a survey showing 70% of residents thought litter was a big problem by developing a creative and cost-effective campaign that successfully reduced litter on our streets.

The Do The Right Thing campaign was the first in Scotland to spray anti-litter messages on streets using a power washer and specially-designed stencils. The campaign was also the first in the country to provide local communities with hundreds of bespoke lamppost signs that carried no Council branding, and suggested to passers-by that residents on that street were active against litter. These approaches attracted national interest and led to a successful funding bid of £32,000 from Zero Waste Scotland to increase the scale of the campaign. Ultimately for a cost of 9p per resident our year-long campaign was independently evaluated to show that nearly 70% of local people agreed the interventions had led to some or significant improvements on litter.

Download the Application Form: Do the Right Thing