Residents in some of South Lanarkshire’s most deprived communities are getting help to ‘build’ on what’s best in their communities and tackle some of the issues that they feel require attention. ‘Building Communities from the Inside Out ‘ recognises that the best way to improve outcomes for individuals, families and communities is for public sector agencies to work hand in hand with communities to deliver change. It supports residents of all ages to get involved in community matters and where they can, deliver solutions. Where they cannot, they are empowered to go to others who can help, including the Council and other partners and work on solutions together.

After 2 years, there is much to celebrate – increased confidence and improved community spirit community run youth clubs, parent cafes, community events, local action groups and lots more to come as the approach is rolled out across 6 Neighbourhoods. It is working because communities are getting the capacity building support they require to take the lead and adopt an assets based approach which builds on the positives and focuses on solutions instead of problems.

Download the application: Building Communities From The Inside Out