In October 2008 Inverclyde Council launched ‘New Horizons’, a diversionary and disciplinary programme for young people aged 14-17, with a history of low level offending / anti-social behaviour. The aim of the programme is to re-educate the young people by explaining the full impact of anti-social behaviour and its consequences. Visits are made to the local prison and discussion sessions take place with prisoners, and prison staff. The course benefits from input from recovering drug users and knife crime victims, including family members.

The programme also aims to assist young people to develop a more appropriate pattern of behaviour and to aid their personal development. The young people take part in workshops, and site visits. They find out about employment and further education opportunities and they participate in activities relating to sport, music and health. The programme lasts two weeks and is held 4 times a year to enable as many young people as possible to take part.

A total of 48 young people have taken part in the programme so far and 93% completed it. A number of young people have applied to enlist with the Army as a result of taking part in the course and several young people have started night classes at the local college after finding courses of interest to them through New Horizons.

Download the application form: NEW HORIZONS PROJECT