The COSLA Excellence Awards are designed to encourage as many projects as possible to apply, without a lengthy and bureaucratic application procedure.  Our aim is to encourage everyone in local government, their partners, and the people they serve to recognise impressive achievements and to take the innovation forward into the future.

That means we focus on the outcomes that you are achieving, not the processes you have undertaken.  However, we have asked that you consider various issues, and these will be taken into account overall under a weightings system.

Our guidance has also been progressively recalibrated to put new thinking at its core.  That shift is intended to recognise projects with excellent potential to help councils and their partners deliver reform, as well as services that are already firmly established.   In practice that means that whether your project is new or old, big or small, we prioritise innovative thinking and the work going on in your organisation to respond to and plan for change.


Assessment Criteria

Recognising that significant change is underway across local government, we want to celebrate projects built on sound, progressive thinking, even if it is too early to demonstrate long term results.

Your application must therefore be well structured and appropriately evidenced in order to demonstrate excellence in how the project has been planned or executed, its effectiveness, and the results it is achieving (or has the potential to achieve).

Projects will be assessed using broad criteria covering Planning and Delivering, Innovation, and Results.