The COSLA Excellence Awards focus on the work that local government and its partners are doing to help make Scotland’s communities better and fairer places. 

The Awards highlight projects which are delivering new thinking, which can be rolled out across the country and beyond, and above all, which are making a real difference to people’s lives.  

We want to hear about large or small scale activities, but above all else you will need to show how you are being ground breaking, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of what you do, and how you are contributing to the priorities facing your community.

Results are important, and so we want to know what you’ve already achieved, or the improvements that your project is going to deliver.

In particular, we want to help others in local government and elsewhere learn about your achievements and share your solutions to changing needs and budgets.  That might mean more early intervention and prevention, and bringing new perspectives to old problems.

Above all, we are looking for a  clear outline of the impact that you have had, how you have been innovative or achieved best in class performance, and why you should be considered for a COSLA Excellence Award.

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