People with learning disabilities should be able to access primary prevention healthy eating messages, thus building their capacity to access mainstream health programmes in their local communities. They have a right to be supported by carers who are knowledgeable.

The Healthy Eating Project is an exciting and innovative initiative involving the development of a training course for adults with learning disabilities, across a range of ability levels, which enables them to learn about the key healthy eating messages from the Scottish Healthy Living Campaign by changing it into a more accessible format. The training pack has been developed to allow support workers and others to guide adults through 28 sessions, with the outcome of increased knowledge and understanding of how to make better dietary choices. The programme uses a range of educational techniques which reinforce learning; including connection with parents / carers thus allowing learning to be supported at home, with the additional spin-off of improved carers’ knowledge and health. In essence, the programme is an educational with its main focus being on increasing people’s knowledge. It is anticipated that this will have an overall benefit to well-being, particularly in weight reduction and management.

Download the application form: THI009 – Healthy Eating Project