Aberdeenshire Council: Operation Zenith

Operation Zenith is a motorcycle safety campaign launched in April 2010 in an effort to reduce the number of motorcyclists involved in collisions on Grampian’s roads. A holistic and innovative approach has been adopted by the multi-agency partners behind the campaign to raise awareness of motorcycle safety amongst all stakeholder groups, while significant reductions in motorcyclist injury collision statistics also evidence the benefits of the approach adopted.

Download more information: OTW 15 Operation Zenith

Aberdeenshire Council: Junior Wardens Scheme

The Junior Warden scheme introduced in Fraserburgh and Peterhead, with the support of the Community Wardens, Grampian Police, Grampian Fire and Rescue Service and others,  has seen groups of Primary 7 pupils work towards improving their environs by encouraging them to  be aware of the needs of their communities, how to improve the environment around them and to work along with agencies and other community members to make their neighbourhoods better and safer.  The young people involved participate in activities which will give them insight into volunteering, caring, democracy and citizenship.

Download more information: OTW 16 Junior Wardens Scheme

West Lothian Community Planning Partnership: Life Stages Programme

An ambitious strategy to make sure people get the help they need as early as possible is set to transform services in West Lothian.  The West Lothian Community Planning Partners have embraced the Life Stages Programme, which aims to promote an early intervention approach in our communities.  The council, police, health and voluntary sector are among those involved in making sure changes implemented now will have long term benefits for communities across West Lothian.  The wide-ranging nature of this project will affect nearly every service in the council, as changes are made to the way services are delivered to target resources where they can make the greatest impact.  West Lothian is the first Local Authority area to introduce this unique approach on a Community Planning Partnership wide basis.  Early indicators confirm that the approach is well received by partner agencies, benefits from strong internal support at the highest level, has attracted interest at a national level and is already evidencing some early results and impacts  The changes we make now using evidenced based interventions and an outcomes focused approach seek to have a positive impact on our most vulnerable NOW but we also aim to secure benefits on a long-term basis and track these changes on an intergenerational basis.  Within the Life Stages approach we have focused on children, young people and their families because we know that if we can improve the effectiveness of services for these groups then we can start to address cycles of behaviour, poverty and deprivation that drain our society and devastate lives.  Early indications show us that our approach is having an effect: recent figures confirm that the percentage numbers of young people going into a negative destination on leaving school now sits at 15.6%   This represents a real improvement from the previous figure of 18% and is directly attributable to the Life Stages approach.

Download more information: OTW 08 Life Stages Programme

Strathclyde Fire & Rescue: West Dunbartonshire Fire Reduction Partnership

The project aims to reduce the incidence of deliberately set refuse fires within West Dunbartonshire. (Currently this is the local authority area with the highest incidence of such fires in Strathclyde).  It will achieve this reduction through a program of education and engagement and through the establishment of formal mechanisms that allow relevant partners to share information on this issue and develop and deploy a co-ordinated response.  The process of education and engagement begins with the delivery of a suite of school presentations to both primary and secondary school pupils; we will also raise the awareness of residents through a range of promotional activities that include leafleting, doorstep surveys and local radio and newspaper articles.  The partnership approach entails the establishment of a rapid response uplift service for combustible materials and greater information sharing in the form of Community Intelligence Reports (CIR) and Tactical Assessments which will be compiled on a fortnightly basis and shared with all relevant partners.

Download more information: OTW 31 EWDUN

East Lothian Council: East Lothian – Delivering Affordable Housing

East Lothian’s Affordable Housing strategy consists of a range of approaches to address the acute shortage of affordable housing in the county.  This includes direct council house building, maximising Scottish Government investment in affordable housing in East Lothian through partner agencies, streamlining negotiations with private developers to deliver the Council’s Affordable Housing Policy and innovative approaches to financing affordable housing delivery in the current financial climate, including lending to Registered Social Landlords and seeking creative ways to deliver affordable housing planning obligations with private developers.  This has achieved a significant uplift in the delivery of affordable housing in East Lothian to date with the prospect that this will be sustained over the medium term.

Download more information: OTW 06 East Lothian Council Delivering Affordable Housing

Fife Council: Comenius Regio Partnership

Comenius Regio Partnership “Cultural Awareness and Skill Sharing” (CASS) Project is fully funded through the British Council as part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme.

This project in partnership with the Polish town of Bedzin is designed to deliver outcomes covering:

1) Setting up of web based platforms where staff and students in school can collaborate on     projects, undertake learning and training delivered by tutors in either town and have face to face discussion over the internet. This is done via the GLOW system which is a national secure portal specifically developed for this purpose.

2) Development of materials to be made available in each language giving advice and information on migration.
3) Development of courses which would be delivered in each partner town with the ability to pick up part completed courses in the other town if migrating to it.

4) To set up systems that will enable recognition of skills and qualifications from one country to another.
5) To review and share best practice in the design of educational and training courses and their delivery.

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Renfrewshire Council: Paisley Town Centre

The creation of a successful and attractive town centre for Paisley is a key corporate priority for the Council and a passionate issue for local people.  In recent years Paisley has faced challenges, particularly from decentralisation and out of centre developments, which impact upon the retail performance and image of the town.  In view of these challenges, over the last few years, a new and innovative Action Plan provided a framework for a range of initiatives to refresh the town centre and introduce a diverse mix of uses and functions. Despite considerable successes the problem remained as to how to attract businesses back into the High Street and how to create a unique selling point for Paisley which would, once again, restore the High Street to its former glory and become a busy shopping area again.

Following an extensive period of research and consultation the Paisley Town Centre Retail Initiative seeks to establish Paisley as the destination for outlet and value retail, providing a unique ‘selling point’ for the town centre, increasing retail footfall and establishing a sustainable retail offer.  The project will involve marketing the town centre to potential occupiers and providing support packages to encourage retailers to locate in Paisley.

Download more information: OTW 28 Paisley Town Centre