The ‘Local Matters’ category is about the unique role of Scotland’s local services in empowering communities to take control of their lives.  Local services can achieve those outcomes because they understand their communities, and because they are accountable to them.  All of the projects in this category are driven by local priorities, and are about giving local people themselves the tools and confidence to transform their lives, and put choice and accountability into their hands.


North Lanarkshire Council- Auchinloch to Lenzie Cycle Path

The Auchinloch-Lenzie Cycle Path project was developed and delivered through close partnership working between Roads Strategy and Safety and Auchinloch PS staff and pupils. The path provides an important link between two communities. The new path is wider, resurfaced, accessible by cyclists and mobility impaired and is now accessible for all users in all weathers. The project delivered excellence by involving many groups in the development of the proposals and directly involved school children in the ongoing detailed design and implementation of the path.

Download the application: Auchinloch to Lenzie Cycle Path



Aberdeenshire Council- Aberdeenshire – Be Part of the Picture

Be Part of the Picture is part of a wider programme of cultural placemaking – creating a sense of belonging to Aberdeenshire. In order to achieve this, Aberdeenshire Council adopted a creative and fully inclusive approach to engaging with communities through arts and cultural activities. This approach enabled people to express how they felt about living and working in Aberdeenshire in a variety of ways – which informed the creation of an Aberdeenshire brand and narrative. Everyone who expressed a view has become Part of the Picture and that sense of ownership will help to sustain the collective sense of being part of Aberdeenshire.

Download the application: Be Part of the Picture



Burnfoot Community Futures, with support from Scottish Borders Council – Burnfoot Community Hub: asset based approach to tackling inequality

Scottish Borders Council has been integral to the development of an asset- based approach to tackle the persistent deprivation experienced within the Burnfoot area of Hawick. Through a joint approach, SBC has helped Burnfoot Community Futures (BCF) to build its capacity, enabling them to secure £2.1m to develop a Community Hub in partnerships with a range of other local agencies. This way of working has encouraged a step-change in the way in which the public sector addresses and works with the community in order to deliver common, shared outcomes and help communities to move from ideas to project delivery. The Hub is a major development and is on track for completion in June 2015.

Download the application: Burnfoot Hub



Aberdeenshire Council- Gourdon Placemaking

Gourdon is a small coastal community in Aberdeenshire. It had, for some time, been showing low levels of participation, engagement and motivation towards working together; a general sense of apathy, of being disempowered and forgotten about and a lack of pride. There was evidence of health and wellbeing issues for families and higher and longer than average records of unemployment. Driven by Regeneration Activity and the Local Community Plan, a partnership working group took a progressive and bold decision to prioritise, re-allocate resources and focus holistically on Gourdon as a ‘place’. Empowering the community became the primary aim, with further specific objectives around health, employability, and improving the physical environment. The project has succeeded by gradually engaging a community in a range of projects that have brought visible improvements in terms of environment, economy, heritage, civic pride, village profile, employability and communication. The success has been a more integrated community who now take interest, pride and a role in their village. Having put Gourdon back on the map (among other things they became the location and extras for an award winning feature film), they confidently engage with stakeholders to continue to identify and meet the needs and aspirations of the people in the village.

Download the application: Gordon Placemaking



Scottish Borders Council- Vision 2014: 4 year Arts, Sport, Industry and Heritage community project

Vision 2014 was a 4 year project involving all 9 Primary Schools, the Secondary School and the local community in the Hawick area. Each year there was an area of focus which provided the context for inspiring developmental work; Arts, Sport, Industry and Heritage. The project was about people in the local community working together to provide inspiring events and related work in all the local schools and private sector early years settings.

Evidence has shown that young people have continued to participate in activities which were introduced to them through the project. Vision 2014 provided a platform for young people to demonstrate their talents, skills and strengths and for others to be inspired by them. The project was a vehicle for bringing people together, sharing a feeling of pride and creating a strong sense of community. Vision 2014 allowed schools to make links with Curriculum for Excellence and provided a structure to embrace the totality of the curriculum. Each year there was a unique ‘Big Event’ which brought everyone together to celebrate and showcase the theme of that year.

Download the application: Hawick Vision



Renfrewshire Council – I Am Me/Keep Safe

I Am Me works in partnership with Police Scotland and PACE Theatre to raise awareness of disability hate crime (DHC). The project is a Renfrewshire community led initiative which works closely with Renfrewshire Council and other partners to raise awareness with staff, pupils, teachers and staff, carers and service users from the local disability groups. Since forming in April 2013, the project has raised awareness with over 10,000 people and there has been a 300% increase (35% of the national increase) in reports of DHC to the police in Renfrewshire. The I Am Me project has been recognised locally and nationally and has been short listed for a National Diversity Award 2014, short listed for ROCCO awards in November 2014, won Equality in Action from Renfrewshire Council and a Public Safety award at the National Police Awards in September 2014.

Download the application: I Am Me



East Renfrewshire Council – Community Capacity Building approach to improve the Health and Wellbeing of older adults in East Renfrewshire

This project works with older adults to provide a range of new activities through developing the skills and confidence of older people themselves and to reduce reliance on mainstream services. There is a growing older population in East Renfrewshire which has led to a need to adopt new approaches to delivering services for older adults. Through our Reshaping Care for Older People Change Plan we have recognised older people as assets who can contribute to developing services based on their own identified needs. Over the last two years participants have been supported to co-produce a range of new opportunities for older adults through recognising and developing their own assets and skills. These have included the development of a local ‘Men’s Shed’ (which provides wood-working and a range of social/health activities) and working with local care services to provide new activities which are designed (and on occasions delivered) by older adults themselves. The project has achieved a range of personal outcomes for the participants, for example reduced isolation, having meaningful things to do, improved wellbeing and increased confidence. Evaluation of the project has shown that participants have reported a transformation in their lives and felt more in control. The project has also enabled a diverse range of partners to work together in a new way to achieve better outcomes for older adults.

Download the application: Mens Shed



East Renfrewshire Council – East Renfrewshire Council Mixed Tenure Scheme

East Renfrewshire Council’s (ERC) Mixed Tenure Scheme was established to respond to growing issues within communities across East Renfrewshire around the estate management and routine maintenance of communal areas. It was developed to provide two key elements, a rapid response function which allows small local projects to be completed quickly and cost effectively and larger maintenance projects which enhance local communities, protects Council investment and ensures the long term sustainability of Council housing across the Council area.

Due to an historic lack of factoring agreements across large numbers of mixed tenure properties, many of these properties have had necessary work neglected for 20 years. The Mixed Tenure Scheme has injected much needed investment to sharply declining estates.

Download the application: Mixed Tenure Housing Scheme



The City of Edinburgh Council – Muirhouse Community Shop

Muirhouse Community Shop was the idea of Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM). With assistance from the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) and Link Up, a local support organisation, the shop opened in May 2013. The shop provides fresh fruit and vegetables at affordable prices for the local community and is run solely by volunteers. The shop has become a community hub: a “community wall” promotes local events, clubs and groups; information events are held and experienced volunteers mentor newer volunteers.

Download the application: Muirhouse Community Schop



Fife Council – Core Path and Greenspace Team

Several councils have worked with communities to empower them to take on practical management of paths and greenspaces by providing training and materials and seeking their volunteer help. This project turns that round; it asks communities for ideas and funds but provides them with man-power to achieve the tasks. Using employability support, a team of young people are working on core paths and greenspace projects, prioritised by communities, thus tackling the Scottish priorities of youth unemployment while supporting communities and the environment. To date 80% of core paths and many greenspace projects have been completed and 6 out or 8 young people have gone on to an apprenticeship or employment.

Download the application: Path and Greenspace team