Aberdeenshire Council: Worksmart

Worksmart is one of the most significant organisational development projects ever undertaken by Aberdeenshire Council. It places the customer at the heart of everything we do and delivers a variety of new working methods for our employees to help us become more efficient. It is an inclusive programme which affects every employee of the Council. Through the adoption of a range of flexible working practices the Council is delivering increased team productivity and improved service delivery. As the programme develops, the impact of the Worksmart programme will be demonstrated through better office accommodation utilisation, reduced sickness absence and improved staff retention, whilst delivering significant benefits to the work/life balance of employees.

Download more information: SWF 16 Worksmart

City of Edinburgh Council: LeadershipMatters

The Council’s Leadership & Management Development framework, ‘Leadershipmatters’(LM),  develops required leadership skills and behaviours across the Council’s 3,500 leadership population. Managers can choose to access individual programmes and development opportunities on a flexible and individually tailored basis based on development planning conversations via the 121 performance management process. The framework incorporates a blended approach to facilitate a full range of learning styles including workshops, e-based learning modules, traditional paper-based self study materials and surgery discussion sessions based on case studies and particular project submissions.  The LM framework was developed to:

– define a consistent, council-wide approach to leadership development

– enable access to development opportunities for all leaders and managers

– consistently promote key skills and behaviours required to achieve the Council’s strategic objectives

– support the ‘one council’ ethos and corporate initiatives.

Download more information: SWF 06 Leadership Matters

West Lothian Council & Scottish Member Services Development Network: Members Services Staff Qualification

Effective and well prepared elected members receive professional support from employees that are educated and clearly understand the role of elected members and the purpose of their own complex and specialised role in relation to that of elected members.

Through the Scottish Member Services Development Network (SMSDN) 31 Scottish Councils shared the cost of designing and developing a customised Professional Development Award, Nationally recognised at credit level 7 for Elected Member Support Staff.  This groundbreaking partnership arrangement, spanning all Councils, resulted in an innovative low cost approach to filling a gap in education provision for this forgotten group of employees.

8 member support employees from 4 councils in Scotland applied as students to pilot the new framework of learning in September 09, and in July 2010, all 8 students in the pilot group achieved the Member Support Professional Development Certificate, being presented at the annual conference and awards ceremony in West Lothian Council Civic Centre on the 1st October2010.

Download more information: SWF 07 Members Services Staff Qualification

West Lothian Council : Tools for tough times

West Lothian Council in common with other Local Authorities is facing significant challenges as it prepares for unprecedented financial pressures whilst managing rising public expectations. Planning for these challenges started in spring of 2009 with the Chief Executive hosting briefing sessions for around 500 senior staff and issuing the challenge to them to become part of the solution. These briefings were followed by a leadership programme ‘Tools for Tough Times’. This programme was targeted at 200+ functional managers who have staff and/or budget responsibility and had a line of sight with the Council strategic objectives and associated leadership behaviours. The impact evaluations and participants’ projects successfully demonstrate a significant contribution to support the changes facing the organisation.

Download more information: SWF 08 Tough Tools for Tough Times

Fife Council: Excellence in Education, Training and Development

The Council Tax and Benefits Team consists of 186 employees whose responsibility is to bill and collect council tax and to assess council tax rebates and housing benefit claims for the residents of Fife.  Barriers to good performance were identified and we went back to basics to train new and existing staff with a training programme that would provide skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver a high quality service. We believe that by investing in a consistent structured approach to training and development with access to learning, qualifications and a career pathway we are securing a workforce for the future whilst delivering excellent customer service.

Download more information: SWF 13 Excellence in Education, Training and Development

Dundee City Council: Video Enhanced Reflective Practice

This project was designed for every member of staff, including support staff and the manager of a Young People’s Unit (YPU) in Dundee to participate in a pilot course of Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (V.E.R.P.).   The aim of this approach was to ensure that all staff had equal opportunities to reflect on their practice and interactions with young people.   The project achieved: i) Improved team work, ii) Consistency and a ‘shared understanding’ in the team on how to effectively communicate with young people, iii) The creation of a ‘reflecting team’, iv) The skills of turning everyday conversations into learning conversations.     Video Enhanced Reflective Practice is now being rolled out to the teams in all of the Young People’s Units in Dundee.

Download more information: SWF 18 SWVIP

Glasgow City Council – City Building (Glasgow) LLP: City Building/St Pauls Part Time Pre Apprenticeship

During 2009 City Building formed a training partnership with St Paul High School as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. The aim of this partnership was to target fifth year school pupils that would benefit from vocational education and who would have had problems making a positive transition from school to the workplace. Pupils attended City Building’s vocational training centre 2 days per week to follow a Construction Craft National Progression Award for one year. As a direct result of this course pupils attendance at school improved as did their attainment. Crucially 10 of the 11 pupils that started this course gained a national progression award and moved into a craft apprenticeships.

Download more information: SWF 03 Apprenticeship Programme