Local government employers know that only a properly motivated, skilled and rewarded workforce can deliver the best possible services to communities across Scotland. Local government needs to make the best use of its resources and that depends on competing for and securing the right people in the right jobs at the right time, with the right skills– and at an affordable cost.

Effective people are at the heart of excellence public services and our award winners have all delivered leading-edge projects where innovative ideas and practical solutions are helping their organisation rise to the challenge of securing a workforce for the future. Their work includes attracting and retaining high calibre employees, building capacity through greater flexibility and productivity, developing effective partnerships, and developing workforce planning arrangements.

North Ayrshire Council – Delivering improved performance by modernising and engaging the workforce.

North Ayrshire Council introduced a new Streetscene service delivery model in November 2011 which achieved £1.64M of recurring revenue savings. Performance has been improved during this period by implementing a workforce modernisation programme. This programme engaged the workforce by creating new roles, multi-skilling the existing workforce, and increasing levels of engagement and employee involvement within the workforce. The service has been recognised nationally through winning an MJ Award in 2012, receiving a COSLA Bronze Award in 2013, APSE Finalists in 2013 and also winning the Leading The Way category at an internal award ceremony.

Download the application: Streescene


Renfrewshire Council – Invest in Renfrewshire

Youth employability and welfare agenda are key priorities for local government today and all Community Planning Partnerships are working to reduce unemployment and ensuring that citizens are aware of changing nature of welfare provision in their areas. This submission relates to a new, more active and effective employability and welfare partnership with private sector collaboration at its centre. For the last 2 years Renfrewshire Council and its community planning partners have increasingly been incorporating contributions from the private sector into its employability work. The enthusiasm and commitment from employers and the added value they bring, has resulted in a more formal approach to, and commitment from, local companies to play their part. The “Invest in Renfrewshire” Initiative asks local companies to “sign up” to support Renfrewshire’s young people and to be part of a formal partnership with the Council and partners. To date over 450 companies have signed up to Invest and over 1100 young people have benefited.

Download the application: Invest in Renfrewshire


Fife Council – Fife Youth Job Contract (FYJC)

The Fife Youth Job Contract (FYJC) is Fife’s timely response to tackling high levels of youth unemployment.  The £5 million project aims to deliver an ADDITIONAL 600 apprenticeships, mainly in the private sector over the next 3 years between 2013 and 2015.  It is led by Fife Council and delivered through Opportunities Fife – a strategic partnership (Jobcentre Plus, Skills Development Scotland, Fife College, NHS Fife, Fife Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Business Fife and employers in Fife.) to tackle worklessness in Fife. The project is innovative as it adopts a flexible, targeted and multi tiered delivery model through effective involvement with its stakeholders.  It is designed to deliver excellence.  Within the first 9 months, FYJC has achieved 50% of the 3 year total targets by delivering 300 apprenticeships against its target of 600.

Download the application: Fife_youth_job_contract


Aberdeen City Council – Finance Transformation Programme

The Finance Team at Aberdeen City Council has delivered a wide ranging and ambitious change programme. Our approach was underpinned by Workforce Transformation developments for our whole service such as our finance conference, finance business plan, bespoke training, performance review and graduate trainee scheme.  Our budgeting process has been revolutionised through the introduction of the pioneering Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) approach. Financial management competencies have been embedded in the organisation through our Finance Framework.  The Accounting Function Redesign has been significant, including creation of the Finance Partner specialist advisor role and integrating operational teams.  Modernisation of Technology across the service has been supported by workflow, business intelligence and optical character recognition technologies with particular impact on the Accounts Payable function.  Our service has also applied agility to respond to Legislative Change particularly Welfare Reform.

Download the application:  Finance_transformation_programme


South Ayrshire Council – Work out!

National Performance Framework Outcome 4 states that Our young people are successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.  In South Ayrshire positive destinations and youth employability are key priorities which contribute to this national outcome. A range of targeted interventions have been developed to support young people and these continue to be developed in line with Curriculum for Excellence and Supporting Transitions.   However it was recognised that there was a gap in our provision for young people in the senior phase of school who were at risk of disengaging and who were less likely to succeed in a positive destination.  To address this gap, Organisational Development (OD) developed a project called “Work Out!” designed around National Indicator 7: Increase the proportion of school leavers in positive and sustained destinations. Work Out! Is a 22 week programme for pupils in 4th, 5th and 6th year which provides comprehensive vocational training and experience across a range of sectors underpinned by core and vocationally relevant qualifications.  Initially Work Out! Was delivered to one of our Secondary Schools with 12 pupils taking up placement within the Council.  Every pupil completed the programme and went onto a positive destination.  In year 2 we expanded the programme to two Schools and 24 pupils.  We also recognised that further education options could be linked to the programme and worked with our local College to secure guaranteed interviews and/or places at College for Work Out! Graduates.  Again, every young person secured a positive destination.  Currently in Year 3 we have opportunities for every Secondary in South Ayrshire and 100 young people currently on placement.  To meet the challenge of the increased demand for and type of placements, we worked with local employers to explore potential opportunities for placements in the private sector.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and 48 of our 100 placements are in the private sector.  We also provide opportunities for four pupils from our School for young people with additional support needs.  The programme is unique in that the young people attend work one day a week during the School academic year.  This allows them to build and develop their confidence, communication and interpersonal skills, develop their vocational ability in their chosen work area and evidence their work readiness to an employer. In identifying the young people for our project we worked specifically with young people who had been identified through the More Choice More Chances (MCMC) partnerships. Our key objective is to continue to deliver a challenging and enjoyable programme of vocational experience across a range of subject areas and provide links and pathways into further training or employment and our outcomes and the expansion of this programme demonstrate the excellence of this initiative.

Download the application:  Work_out


West Lothian Council – West Lothian Introduction to Leadership Programme

Our children and young people deserve the best possible start in life and West Lothian Council are committed to achieving this outcome through the provision of high quality education and inspirational leaders in all of our education establishments.   Development pathways for teachers ensure that the council identifies and motivates the right people to achieve qualifications and assume leadership roles. West Lothian Council is nurturing leadership and management capacity at all levels through a flexible and participative range of development tools. The “West Lothian Introduction to Leadership Programme” is helping teachers to start their development as school leaders at an early stage of their career and supports the principle of distributive leadership, or leadership at all levels in schools.  The programme allows people who are currently working at project leadership level and have further leadership potential to be identified.  Ensuring that they get the appropriate development opportunities to support them in their current role and prepare for future roles in middle school leadership. This activity supports a national drive to promote and encourage coaching as an effective means of developing people, with a particular emphasis on leadership. The programme also aims to give an appropriate context for coaches to build up their skills and to further develop the culture of coaching in West Lothian.

Download the application:   Introduction_to_leadership_programme


The City of Edinburgh Council – Cultivating careers in care

This project is about raising the profile of social care as a viable and attractive career choice and growing the pool of care workers in the city to meet rising demand. We need to do this to ensure we have a skilled and confident workforce that can meet the complex care and support needs of older people in Edinburgh now and in the future. The Council has also already seen significant efficiencies in recruitment, and reduction in unfilled vacancies as a result of these initiatives, and by creating more training opportunities for younger workers we are contributing to succession planning.

Download the application:  Careers_in_care