Angus Council: New Seaview Primary School

The new Seaview Primary School is a purpose built, 14 classroom school, delivering a building which;- provides a modern teaching environment, fit for the 21st century; is designed to stimulate pupils in a caring environment and play a central role in meeting the requirements of the wider community; uses best practice in sustainable design and energy efficiency, reducing running costs and CO2 emissions; incorporates significant concepts and actual work produced by the school pupils.

The former school suffered from a number of increasingly evident problems including a rapidly deteriorating condition, accessibility, high energy costs and it was not conducive to delivering a modern curriculum.  A comprehensive investigation was carried out and it was identified that a new build Primary School provided the greatest benefit to the various stakeholders. A Project Team was formed consisting of staff from Property, Education and outside Consultants.  This team progressed the project from inception to completion, ensuring a continual consultation with the end users to deliver a building to meet the brief and requirements of the school and wider community.  The building was completed in June 2009 allowing the school to commence the 09/10 session in the new building, on programme and below budget.

Download more information:PS002 North Seaview

North Lanarkshire Council: Building for the Future

“Building for the Future” is North Lanarkshire Council’s first ever new council house building programme. The first phase of the programme has been completed on time and on budget and work is already underway on three other sites.  At an estimated cost of £80m, 500 new homes are planned over five years.  The programme delivers new homes that are warm, safe, accessible and sustainable and will also provide a much needed boost for the construction industry and local employment. Homes have been developed to meet particular needs – all houses are built to Housing for Varying Needs Standards and are wheelchair accessible.  In addition all homes will meet Eco Homes rating of ‘Good’ or above. The project is an excellent example of corporate and partnership working at its best when a number of officers, across a number of services and agencies, have worked together to deliver high quality new homes that are making a real difference to the health and well-being of residents of North Lanarkshire.

Download more information: PS004 Building for the future

East Lothian Council: Carbon Management the East Lothian Way

Promoting Sustainability within East Lothian Council is a dynamic, cross departmental range of activities which is based upon our commitment to taking urgent action in two key areas:

  • to improve our own environmental performance as an organisation to reduce our own carbon emissions and resource use as a consequence of our own operations
  • to lead the wider community in East Lothian to reduce its carbon emissions and to promote more sustainable communities within the county.

We have set clear targets to meet the numerous legislative and policy initiatives and are making good progress in embedding the thinking and practices necessary across all Council activities and staff groups, including our schools. We have reduced our carbon emissions by 8% in the first year of our Carbon Management Plan and have a range of innovative plans and activities in place to meet our overall target of 25% reduction by 2014.

Download more information: PS009 Carbon Management

Clackmannanshire Council: Waste Management

‘Waste not, want not’ as the saying goes, and Clackmannanshire Council has proved it by being the country’s top performing recycler for 5 of the previous 6 years. The Council reached a record recycling level of 46.7% of municipal waste recycled or composted in 2009/10, saving waste from landfill and the Council from excess costs.

Through a strategy of careful planning and citizen consultation Clackmannanshire has delivered a sustainable waste management system providing excellent results for the Council, its environment and meeting the expectations of its citizens.The Council has set the standard for Scotland’s Zero Waste journey. With a high profile community sector involvement and partnerships with neighbouring councils Clackmannanshire consistently delivers sustainable waste management of the highest standard.

Download more information: PS019 Clackmannanshire Sustainable Waste Management

East Ayrshire Councils: Food for Life

East Ayrshire is now regarded as a leading exemplar having developed its own sustainable food strategy for schools, adopting new procurement and supply chain practices and where food as a topic in schools throughout East Ayrshire is given significance. The objective is to produce educated consumers of tomorrow who understand the context and importance of food. From August 2004 the Food for Life programme has placed food and education at the heart of sustainable development in social, economic and environmental terms. In over 40 primary schools and one secondary school, 30% of the food used is organic, at least 70% is sourced locally and over 90% of the food used is fresh and unprocessed

Downloadmore information: PS028 Promoting Sustainability-Food for Life

Midlothian Council: Ranger Service

Midlothian Ranger Service is a small service comprising of three staff that changed it’s approach to delivering countryside services by taking a more sustainable approach. The loss of Scottish Natural Heritage grant funding for environmental improvements in Midlothian twinned with the key aims set out in the Single Outcome Agreement for a Greener and Healthier Scotland triggered a rethinking of how the service delivers outputs. Encouraging and deploying more involvement of volunteers and the third sector the service could improve its output and achieve improved environmental benefits. In 2009/10 Over 11,000  hours were contributed by volunteers and community service workers to deliver key service outputs for conservation, recreation and biodiversity for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Download more information: PS029 Ranger Service Volunteer Scheme

Fife Council: Sustainable Procurement

Fife Council Building Services are committed to the Fife Council objective to be the leading green council in Scotland by 2011.  In order to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standards, Fife Council has investment programmes underway for the installation of replacement windows and refurbishment of all smoke detectors in Fife Council houses.  Windows can have a significant impact on Fife’s carbon footprint and we decided to review the specification of the windows to be installed and the methods of disposal of removed windows.  The aim was to create an ‘A’ energy rated window which is both durable (35 year expected lifespan), lead and cadmium free, light and zero carbon.  We also designed the specification and terms of the contract to incorporate recycling of the removed windows.  This would bring cost benefits on reduced landfill tax as well as saving the environment.  In addition, we took the opportunity to redesign the specification of smoke detectors which are being fitted in council properties as part of the investment programme, to incorporate a durability and reliability of design.  The new detectors are safer to dispose of as they do not contain the radioactive qualities of the older design.  There is an added enhancement to this contract where the supplier takes back the removed units from the houses and refurbishes and recycles the different elements of the units.  This closes the loop on recyclable, sustainable procurement for two of the major elements of the investment programme for Fife Council.

Download more information: PS031 Sustainable Procurement from Cradle to Grave