Winners in this category reflect the key role that councils and their partners have in tackling inequalities and improving health and wellbeing. Whilst improving the health of the general population is important, this category is also about targeting interventions towards vulnerable individuals, groups or communities. The awards recognise innovative approaches that improve pathways into, through, between and out of a range of local public services, particularly for people who are most at risk of poor health and wellbeing. These include addressing the mainstreaming of preventative activities, partnerships with relevant agencies and local communities, or projects that are building capacity for the health and care agenda, including links to appropriate planning and budgeting arrangements. To be successful , the winners have described specific aims and how these are being addressed through community involvement, effective partnership working and innovation.


Edinburgh Self Harm Project – Edinburgh Self Harm Project

The Edinburgh Self Harm Project supports people through a range of person-centred and recovery-focused activities ranging from 1:1 support, to weekly art groups, support for carers and loved ones and, in the near future, a Skin Camouflage clinic. Nearly 80% of people accessing the service report that they no longer self harm.

Download the full application: Edinburgh Self Harm Project


Argyll & Bute Council – Fit-ness

The Fit-ness project was an 8 week multiagency programme delivering healthy weight interventions with children and their parents. The aim of the programme was to ensure 1) family fun 2) healthy diet awareness 3) increased physical activity 4) enhanced parent/child attachment 5) improved mental health and well-being.   The programme was delivered on Sunday afternoons from 3 – 5pm on the Isle of Bute, 34 Primary School pupils regularly attended along with their parents. The programme was successful in tackling the child healthy weight agenda in an innovative, novel and fun way and was instrumental in attracting a high number of children (34) and parents (22). Families reported the variety of activities and motivation of the team delivering the programme encouraged them to come back each week, also inspiring four families to sustain a more active lifestyles beyond the programme by children attending swimming lessons, participating in active schools events and parents attending additional exercise classes.

Download the full application: Fit-ness


Renfrewshire Community Health Partnership – Sunshine Recovery Café

The key purpose of the Sunshine Recovery Café is to promote recovery in Renfrewshire and to improve the life chances of individuals affected by alcohol and drugs. The Sunshine Recovery Café is the first of its kind in Renfrewshire which offers a safe, drug and alcohol free space where individuals in recovery can connect with their peers who share similar experiences. The Café provides peer led support to assist individuals becoming and sustaining abstinence from alcohol and drugs and provides support to access training and employment opportunities. Between 20-30 individuals, both male and females attend on a weekly basis and benefit from a broad network of activities such as volunteering in the Café, attending the Share Group, learning new skills within the Guitar Group and access to a variety of holistic therapies. The Café is run by a constituted committee of volunteers who are also in recovery and aims to complement and build on existing service delivery.

Download the full application: Improving Health Recovery


West Dunbartonshire Council – Personalising Palliative Care

Increased numbers of older people in West Dunbartonshire have a better quality of palliative and end of life care in their own homes and care homes through this forward thinking initiative, which results in confident and skilled staff work with patients and carers to support their end of life.

Many people express a desire to die at home rather than within a hospital; this initiative has supported those with this wish and we have seen a reduction in the numbers of people who have died in hospital.

West Dunbartonshire Community Health and Care Partnership’s (CHCP) Palliative Care District Nursing team train and support health and social care staff in the community; they are trained to care for people with long term conditions at the end of their life. Crucially this gives people extra choice to end their lives where and how they choose. The crux of this initiative is to enable frontline workers to have the confidence to care for people on a daily basis and to continue to provide the best quality care through the person’s changing life circumstances.

Download the full application: Personalising Palliative Care


West Dunbartonshire Council – Primary School Catering service “LEAPS “ Ahead

The LEAP Ahead project offers pupils within any primary school environment the opportunity to transfer skills learned in the classroom to a real and meaningful workplace setting. The project promotes Nutritional Standards and the School Meal Service to ensure our young people become Confident Individuals with skills for the future. Led by West Dunbartonshire Council School Catering Services & in partnership with colleagues in Education Services, supplier partners and the wider local community, this sector leading project provides Primary 7 pupils, regardless of learning abilities a work experience opportunity within the school kitchen environment. This is available one day each week over a period of 5 weeks where pupils assist the catering staff to prepare and deliver the school lunch. For 1 curricular hour and 1 voluntary hour each week they are taught skills in cooking, nutrition, hygiene, literacy, numeracy and work ethics. This project can be replicated in any local authority area within any catering service at no additional cost; all that is required is time, commitment and enthusiasm from all partners involved. Through evidence of strong leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, community engagement and a shared vision for our young people this project is a shining example of how to achieve better outcomes for young citizens utilizing existing skills and resources.

Due to its overwhelming success the programme was offered out to other schools in the Council area and continues to be extremely active to date with 450 pupils in 5 primary schools having completed a “work experience” programme to date.

Download the full application: Primary School Catering



Scottish Borders Council & NHS Borders – That’s Not Me… mental health and suicide prevention film and education pack

That’s Not Me (TNM) is an innovative approach to delivering suicide prevention education within secondary schools. The project began as a short film developed by young people (in conjunction with VOMO) depicting their experience of mental health problems. An education pack was then developed to support the use of the film and was delivered by multi agency staff within SBC secondary schools as part of their social education classes. The pilot project evaluated positively showing an increase in awareness and improved attitudes towards mental health by those who attended the classes. The materials have now been distributed to all High Schools across the Scottish Borders and are available in other areas in Scotland.

Download the full application: Thats Not Me