Winners in this category reflect the key role that councils and their partners have in tackling inequalities and improving health and wellbeing. Whilst improving the health of the general population is important, this category is also about targeting interventions towards vulnerable individuals, groups or communities. The awards recognise innovative approaches that improve pathways into, through, between and out of a range of local public services, particularly for people who are most at risk of poor health and wellbeing. These include addressing the mainstreaming of preventative activities, partnerships with relevant agencies and local communities, or projects that are building capacity for the health and care agenda, including links to appropriate planning and budgeting arrangements. To be successful , the winners have described specific aims and how these are being addressed through community involvement, effective partnership working and innovation

East Renfrewshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) – East Renfrewshire Community Addiction Services

We set out to review and redesign alcohol and drug services to support a shift in service delivery towards a recovery system of care. Service users were previously engaged in the treatment and maintenance programmes for up to twelve years with no clear pathway or services to allow them to move on in their recovery journey. Working with service users and staff we developed an innovative and integrated community recovery service, which demonstrated high uptake, good retention and significant positive outcomes for individuals in their recovery from problem drug and alcohol use. Highlighted by Scottish Government as good practice in leading service innovation and improvement we have completed a new service redesign toolkit based on the East Renfrewshire model published on the Skills Services Knowledge Scotland website and available to all Alcohol and Drug Partnerships across Scotland

Download the full application: East Renfrewshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) – East Renfrewshire Community Addiction Services

West Lothian Council- Great Starts

Sure Start aims to give very young children (aged 0-3) the best possible start by working closely with families, carers and partner agencies. We aim to do this in a non-stigmatising way, offering universal access in targeted communities of interest: e.g. young parents, mothers with mental illness, parents experiencing behaviour management problems, antenatal fathers. Over 13 years we have developed services in collaboration with communities and partners to provide a wide range of interventions, from drop-in play sessions in localities with poor transport links or few resources, to supportive home visiting and intensive evidence-based parenting programmes. We now reach over 1400 people a year and can demonstrate that we make a difference to children by the results of our annual outcome surveys, customer service surveys, pre- and post-intervention test measures, research findings, compliments and partner surveys.

Download the full application: West Lothian Council- Great Starts

South Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership – RecoveryAyr

RecoveryAyr is a local recovery community which aims to instil hope and motivate individuals in their recovery journey, to provide skills development, training and volunteering opportunities and to celebrate and promote recovery from substance misuse. RecoveryAyr uses a partnership approach between individuals in recovery, their family and friends, local organisations and the Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) to develop a strong recovery community. RecoveryAyr has developed initiatives based on local need including a local recovery walk, Cafe Hope, a Christmas Fayre, a drama group and gardening project. RecoveryAyr is innovative in its practice as it is truly service user led, successfully uses a partnership approach and has developed organically based on local need.

Download the full application: South Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership – RecoveryAyr

North Lanarkshire Council – Housing Change Fund Projects – Changing Communities and Lives

Improved health and wellbeing and increased opportunities for older people and their carers to reduce inequalities in communities are the key focus of this project ëChanging Communities and Livesí. The change fund for reshaping care for older people has resourced the delivering this project. The project itself encapsulates a number of individual initiatives which deliver excellence through contributing to the overarching aim of supporting older people to live at home for longer as opposed to residential or hospital care. We have achieved this through:

  • Respite in sheltered housing complexes (a new innovative type of respite provision);
  • Enhanced design and improved accessibility in mainstream housing;
  • “Dementia friendly design” in specialist older people’s housing;

Improved community capacity and support through new community facility provision, much of which capitalises on untapped potential held in community assets, maximising benefits for vulnerable groups in addition to the wider community; and
A range of other initiatives which open opportunities for older people and other vulnerable groups such as development of I.T facilities and partnership projects with third sector organisations

Download the full application: North Lanarkshire Council – Housing Change Fund Projects – Changing Communities and Lives

Fife Council – Fife Play Development Team

Fife Play Development Team was established in 2012 through service redesign in order to support play development across Fife. Despite being a very small team, significant progress has been made in a short period of time across the five focus areas identified in their Section Plan. The primary focus for the team is to improve childrenís outcomes through play. This recognises the role play has in child development and in the development of physical and mental health and wellbeing .The team has recently won the prestigious Nancy Ovens Award for Play for Best Play Experience for their Free Range Project.

Download the full application:  Fife Council – Fife Play Development Team

Glasgow City Council – Children’s Parliament Community Initiative

Childrenís Parliament is currently being funded by the Big Lotteryís Realising Ambition fund to work with 8-14 year olds, to reduce pathways to offending for our children and young people in North East Glasgow. Our aim is to teach life skills which will support children in making positive choices about their lifestyle and provide opportunities to take part in physical activities to develop their health and well being.
The programme has improved the childrenís emotional well-being, self-esteem and confidence and developed more positive relationships between children, their peers and adults within their community.

Download the full application: Glasgow City Council – Children’s Parliament Community Initiative


North Ayrshire Council – Dementia Support Service

Models of dementia support are often delivered in a fragmented fashion, disconnected and defined by the individual agency involved. Reactive, often to crisis, there was seldom evidence of positive outcomes for the service user; on the contrary, the evidence was of steady deterioration in the health and well-being of those with dementia and their carers. The Dementia Support Service (DSS) addresses this by delivering a multi-faceted person-centred service whose primary objective is to support those with dementia to remain safely at home for longer. Providing everything from information and support to carers, to linking the service user or carer to community supports to delivering respite and personal care in the service userís own home, it exemplifies the meaning of Balance of Care and has achieved demonstrable positive outcomes. It is delivering a service in the community when the need is at its greatest.

Download the full application:  North Ayrshire Council – Dementia Support Service