This category provides an opportunity to highlight creative approaches to developing Community Planning in communities across Scotland. With an emphasis on the development of outcomes approaches as a means of transforming public service, winners have demonstrated evidence of forward looking approaches to joining-up service delivery, and shown how this collaboration is delivering early intervention and prevention. Winners have also made clear and recognised improvements to the human elements of service delivery by enhancing and enriching the lives of residents or other service users through truly effective collaboration. Partnership working and Best Value are key to projects in this category, as well as the potential for roll-out out across the country. In essence, our Achieving Better Outcomes winners have demonstrated how their initiative is successful at providing outcomes within communities that make them better places in which to live and work.


Aberdeenshire Council- City Region Deal

The Aberdeen City Region Deal (“the Deal”) supports the Region’s economic vision. Together with local authority partners, the UK Government, Scottish Government and local leaders we are addressing challenges and most importantly capitalising on the substantial opportunities. Over the next 10 years, both Governments are committed to jointly investing up to £250 million. Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council are also investing heavily and together we are championing an £826 million funding package for the future of our region.

Download the full application:  Aberdeesnhire City Region


Aberdeenshire Council- GrassHOPPER Multi Operator Passes

GrassHOPPER is a multi-operator bus ticketing arrangement for North-East Scotland that is led by operators and administered by Aberdeenshire Council. The ticketing arrangement is delivered through public and private sector partnership working, with all operators of local bus services in the north-east of Scotland participating on a voluntary basis from its launch in February 2014. Following a pledge from major bus operators across Scotland to deliver smart, multi-operator ticketing for millions of bus passengers in Scotland during 2016-2017 the project partners delivered the first multi-operator smart ticketing initiative in Scotland in August 2016. Ongoing developments continue to aim to make public transport more attractive to the travelling public thus encouraging modal shift and potentially reducing CO2 emissions.

Download the full application: Aberdeenshire Grass Hopper


Aberdeenshire Council- Aberdeenshire SALUTES

Aberdeenshire SALUTES (Aberdeenshire Supporting and Linking up the Ex Services) is an innovative way of working together to improve outcomes for veterans and their families. Bringing the veterans together with the public sector and other services, Armed Forces support organisations, the voluntary sector and community groups we collaborate to provide a single point of contact for support, assistance and advice at the heart of their communities. The best outcome of all is evidence that together we have improved the health and wellbeing of our veterans and enabled their successful integration into the community.

Download the full application:  Aberdeenshire SALUTES


Argyll and Bute Council – Universal Services Delivered Locally

This initiative is about effective partnership working which has achieved better outcomes for the citizens of Argyll and Bute. This project is the delivery of a Universal Support Delivered Locally (USDL) trial from September 2014 to November 2015. The trial provided support to our vulnerable customers to enhance their digital skills and their personal ability to manage their finances as part of the preparation for the implementation of Universal Credit in our areas – which subsequently went live in March 2016.

The project helped the Council to deliver against its corporate plan and single outcome agreement in respect to outcome 5: people live active, healthier and independent lives. The long term outcome is that the gap between the best off and worst off in Argyll and Bute is reduced. The short–term outcome is that partners work together effectively to mitigate the effects of poverty.

The trial focussed on 3 elements – triage, personal budgeting support and digital inclusion. Through the project 1,800 people were triaged for support with 617 reaching stage 2 triage and more than 325 individuals and families helped and supported with financial inclusion issues and receiving digital upskilling training.

Download the full application:    Argyll and Bute Universal Services Delivered Locally



Dumfries and Galloway Council – PUPPIES – Partnership Understanding to Protect Puppies from Illicit Exporting into Scotland

This project is a partnership between Dumfries and Galloway Council, Scottish SPCA and Police Scotland with the purpose of tackling the illicit trade in farmed puppies entering Scotland via the ports at Cairnryan and travelling through Dumfries and Galloway to destinations throughout the UK. The illicit puppy trade has grown as consumer demand for expensive designer breeds has increased. Puppy farms have developed in Ireland to meet this demand where thousands of breeding bitches are kept in horrendous conditions; they are then sold in the UK and EU without the required legal documents or health checks. This has become a problem for Dumfries and Galloway purely due to our geography as the Belfast to Cairnryan route is a quick and convenient way to transport puppies into GB. Each partner has had an important role in tackling this problem but individual effectiveness was limited by specific factors. Working together, the partnership has improved effectiveness and is making an impact locally and beyond.

Download the full application:  Dumfries and Galloway PUPPIES


East Ayrshire Council – Around the Town – board game developed for people with dementia

A new and innovative reminiscence board game based on different aspects and memories of Kilmarnock, which aims to help people to continue to live well with dementia. The game helps improve communication and encourages interaction in a fun and light hearted way. It is designed to stimulate the memory as the questions are specific to the person’s own surroundings and this familiarity encourages interaction and conversation with others. Devised by Alzheimer Scotland in conjunction with East Ayrshire Council, ‘Around the Town: Kilmarnock Edition’ has a bright and bold design, stimulating topics and is believed to be the first game of its kind in Scotland. The concept can be easily customised for other locations or communities – making it suitable for use in care homes, hospitals, community groups and private homes across the country. Different local versions are already in production and the Dementia Services Development Centre in Stirling has expressed an interest in studying the impacts of the game on people with dementia. The game was launched in February 2017 at the Dementia Resource Centre in Kilmarnock.

Download the full application:  East Ayrshire Dementia Board Game


South Ayrshire Council- A Strategic Approach to Welfare Reform

Working with the DWP and key third sector partners, SAC hasadopted a customer-focused, strategic approach to welfare reform to manage the practical operational aspects of Universal Credit and to understand and mitigate the impact on our customers. Key to the success of the project was the development of our innovative Signpost system, which has two functions: a directory which staff and customers can access to source help and information from more than184 local and national services; and a referral/tracker system which is currently used by 14 partner agencies. Using customer information and a mapping system within Signpost, we are able to track and monitor services being accessed by our most vulnerable customers and put in place interventions to prevent crisis situations. Alongside this, we have expanded and targeted our information and advice outreach services; relocated money advice provision to areas most in need (as part of a wider Information and Advice Hub); and, in partnership with the Trussell Trust, revised our procedures for issuing food vouchers to ensure customers in crisis have access to wider services and help to avoid further crisis. This is clearly delivering better outcomes and having a positive impact on our communities

Download the full application:  Strategic Approach to Welfare Reform