This category provides an opportunity to highlight creative approaches to developing Community Planning in communities across Scotland. With an emphasis on the development of outcomes approaches as a means of transforming public service, winners have demonstrated evidence of forward looking approaches to joining-up service delivery, and shown how this collaboration is delivering early intervention and prevention.

Winners have also made clear and recognised improvements to the human elements of service delivery by enhancing and enriching the lives of residents or other service users through truly effective collaboration. Partnership working and Best Value are key to projects in this category, as well as the potential for roll-out out across the country.

In essence, our Achieving Better Outcomes winners have  demonstrated how their initiative is successful at providing outcomes within communities that make them better places in which to live and work.


Dundee City Council – ASPIRE DUNDEE

ASPIRE Dundee is an ambitious project working with around 2,500 children in eleven primary school communities in areas of deprivation. It uses the transformative power of performing arts – dance, music and drama, delivered through partnerships with professional artists and educators – in a creative and immersive manner across and beyond the school curriculum to increase and develop pupil’s health and wellbeing, self-confidence and self-esteem, and learning and skills development while challenging inequalities and the effects of poverty.

Download the full application: Aspire


The Highland Council- Programme of Alternatives to Out of Authority Placements for Young People of Highland

The programme to develop alternatives to children going out of the authority for their care and/or schooling seeks to bring Highland children back to the area as determined by the Council Children’s Plan.  A suite of varied accommodation and support have been developed to enable this to happen for children who have needs that can be met in Highland.   The programme is developing excellence by enabling young people with diverse needs to live in their local community whilst avoiding costs for the Council of £1.391M in 2014/15.

Download the full application:Out of Authority Alternatives


North Ayrshire Council – St. Matthews Skills Academy: A collaborative approach to vocational learning
For too long, schools have been measured on the academic success of young people, with very little official recognition or accreditation given to those pupils who have the ability to achieve in other, more vocational areas.  While the Curriculum for Excellence concept of personalisation and choice has encouraged schools to think more creatively about specialism, this has continued to be predominantly based around academic choice. This approach has largely failed to address the needs of young people who are less academically able whilst also overlooking the requirements of local and wider business communities. In recognition of these shortcomings St Matthews Academy has developed and implemented the St Matthews Skills Academy – an innovative 6 week programme of skills development in which the school joined forces with local businesses and community organisations to provide opportunities for young people to develop their employability and transferable skills. The activities were geared towards boosting confidence, building skills and qualifications based around the core theme of exploring pathways into life, learning and work. The programme aims to address the gap for those young people who are less academically inclined, whilst also helping to create pathways into employment for young people who can face challenges gaining entry into the labour market. Our approach has been to design and develop a system which fits the young person rather than making the young person fit the system. Our aim has been to provide a learning environment where all our learners have enhanced access to positive destinations by ensuring they are gaining appropriate skills and qualifications to match market demands. As a result of our programme, 34 pupils who did not sit external exams in 2015, received additional qualifications, markedly improved their school attendance, developed their employability skills and gained valuable experience in a range of working environments.

Download the full application: St Mathews



North Ayrshire Council – Lean Six Sigma Programme  Occupational Therapy Equipment Store Project

North Ayrshire Council has introduced a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) programme as part of our Transformation journey. LSS addresses inefficiencies in processes across the Council by reducing waste. It provides a creative approach for staff to work in partnership on high impact projects.

One of our highly successful LSS projects was the occupational therapy equipment store. Our occupational therapy (OT) equipment store provides a range of OT equipment to customers across North Ayrshire. Demand for our OT service and equipment has increased in the last two years but that demand came with a decline in service standards. By using LSS techniques we have transformed delivery of the OT store equipment reducing lead times from an average of 34.5 days to just 1.5 days. This has had a direct impact on the lives of our customers who were depending on the equipment to help them remain in or return to their own homes. It also helped reduce delays in discharges from North Ayrshire and Inverclyde hospitals.

Download the full application:  Lean Six Sigma



South Ayrshire Council – Graduate Internship Programme

South Ayrshire Council’s Graduate Internship Programme specifically targets local young graduates who are unemployed or underemployed and provides them with a unique opportunity to work on a project within the Council for 12 months. Throughout this time they are given access to a range of challenging development opportunities to allow them to gain and evidence the skills, experience and competencies required to secure further graduate level employment. Since the programme’s inception in 2013, all 16 graduates who have completed it have progressed into meaningful employment. Following this success, we have expanded the programme and currently have 15 Interns working across a range of services and projects.  Each project has specific milestones and targets with the ultimate aim of achieving savings, delivering outcomes and improving service delivery, which, on completion, Interns can evidence to secure future employment.

Download the full application: Graduate Programme


South Ayrshire Council – Workout!

Workout is an innovative and successful programme that is delivering sustainable positive destinations for targeted young people in the senior phase of curriculum for excellence in South Ayrshire. The programme provides a curricular option for young people who are identified as at risk of failing to progress to a positive post school destination through an early intervention approach and is a key element of South Ayrshire’s activity around Developing the Young Workforce. The programme supports young people to develop skills for learning, life and work through long term, supported work placements which offer opportunities for accredited learning.

Download the full application: Workout
South Ayrshire Council – First Home Project Capacity Building Programme
Ayr Housing Aid Centre’s First Home project is a housing advice and tenancy preparation service delivered to young people aged 16 – 22) in need in South Ayrshire.  Through reflection and review, the concept of the original project has evolved from providing housing options advice/guidance and post tenancy settlement support, to actively equipping young people with the knowledge, skills and capacity to sustain tenancies themselves in the long term through a programme of practical capacity building sessions including painting, decorating and housekeeping. The sessions have enabled the skills and assets held within the wider community to be transferred to young people to help them build the resilience, self -confidence and ability to create and maintain a home.

The capacity building programme has been embraced by participants, many of whom have gone on to sustain and manage their own tenancy effectively. The programme is delivered in partnership with a variety of key voluntary and third sector support agencies, each tapping into the skills and resources held within their own organisations to deliver a variety of sessions covering a range of topics. The project demonstrates a step change away from general housing support and advice to practical learning and development and a real transfer of skills to the most vulnerable young people in the community.

Download the full application: First Home