This category provides an opportunity to highlight creative approaches to developing Community Planning in communities across Scotland. With an emphasis on the development of outcomes approaches as a means of transforming public service, winners have demonstrated evidence of forward looking approaches to joining-up service delivery, and shown how this collaboration is delivering early intervention and prevention.

Winners have also made clear and recognised improvements to the “human element” of service delivery by enhancing and enriching the lives of residents or other service users through truly effective collaboration. Partnership working and Best Value are key to projects in this category, as well as the potential for roll-out out across the country.

In essence, our Achieving Better Outcomes winners have  demonstrated how their initiative is successful at providing outcomes within communities that make them better places in which to live and work.


East Renfrewshire Council – Protecting Vulnerable Residents by Preventing Nuisance & Scam Phone Calls

The project is an innovative prevention based approach to tackling the misery and financial harm inflicted on our most vulnerable residents from nuisance and scam telephone calls. We pioneered a project (the first in Scotland) to install call blocking equipment free of charge in vulnerable residents homes (150) throughout Angus, East Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire to eliminate or reduce these calls, returning control of the phone to the recipient. The participants were mainly selected due to physical disability or vulnerability. The feedback from the project indicated significant reductions in stress, anxiety, financial loss and risks of trips and falls. Carers indicated that the equipment could extend the period that vulnerable residents could remain in their own home and cope with the challenges of conditions such as dementia and mental illness.

Download the full application: Cold Calling


Angus Council – Angus Commonwealth Games Fund

Activity carried out by Angus Council’s Economic Development team aims to fulfil the community planning vision of “Angus is a place where a first class quality of life can be enjoyed by all” and in line with this the economic strategy priority of supporting communities is at the heart of this submission. The aim of this project was to provide a targeted local Angus Commonwealth Games Fund to encourage local groups, businesses and communities to carry out sporting events, dress their business’ windows, organise festivals, support employment/training and hold events to promote and provide a legacy of the Commonwealth Games.

Download the full application: Commonwealth Games Fund


Dumfries and Galloway Council – Da Vinci Decathlon

The da Vinci challenge decathlon is a project which includes ten disciplines based on Leonardo da Vinci’s breadth of interests.  Students engage in complex challenges which encourage excellence and extensive use of higher order thinking skills, team work, time management and creativity. Many topics are covered as a passing interest on the school curriculum and cast aside however the Da Vinci challenge allows more depth and time to be spent on various specialities and the pupils benefit from this by being valued for their individual skills and what they can contribute to their team. It encourages and challenges students to push the boundaries of their learning without formal assessment. The project was initiated through a teacher exchange between Knox Grammar School in Sydney and Dalbeattie High School in Dumfries and Galloway (D&G).  Originally eight students from Dalbeattie High School were involved and currently there are 90 young people from various schools throughout the region directly benefit from participation. The project aims to be a school, regional, national and international venture, with partnership working, collaboration and local sponsorship facilitating its development and progress.

Download the full application: Da Vinci Decathlon


The Highland Council – The Highland Consumer Partnership

Recent changes to the way in which consumer issues are dealt with have led to two lead organisations being identified: Trading Standards and Citizens Advice.  While Citizens Advice is now responsible for consumer advice, education and advocacy, Trading Standards has the lead role in business advice and education, and enforcement of consumer law.  Although there has been joint working between the two organisations in the past, it has been infrequent and ad hoc.  This project is about building a more regular and systematic partnership, bringing together the strengths of both organisations to protect consumers and promote fair trading and economic growth in the Highlands.  The Highland Consumer Partnership (“HCP”) is the first and so far only one of its kind in Scotland and is attracting considerable interest from across the country.

Download the full application: Highland Consumer Partnership


East Dunbartonshire Council – Hillhead Place Project

Hillhead is an area in Kirkintilloch where certain parts are among the 5% most deprived areas in Scotland, according to the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) 2012 and, as such, is a community regeneration priority for East Dunbartonshire Council and its community planning partners. The partnership sought to identify solutions that delivered better integration of public services at a local level, through working in partnership with local people. This grassroots ‘place’ approach has responded to the needs and ambitions of a community at the most local level. Delivery of a family centre that provides an integrated package of support, increasing employability skills and adult learning, a new community centre that provides a focal point for community life and better access to a wider range of joined-up services, alongside a community safety programme is already making a big difference to the quality of life and employment opportunities for the local community.

Download the full application: Hillhead Place


Aberdeenshire Council – “It’s not as easy as you think”

Aberdeenshire Council recognises that the development of holistic and systemic approaches are required to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes for the prevention and mitigation of homelessness. Embedding housing and homelessness education in the school curriculum and early intervention are identified strategic priorities for Aberdeenshire Council. Stemming from this, a collaborative approach to housing education has been developed within Aberdeenshire Council. This collaboration between services and service users within the Local Authority results in a locally relevant, trusted and credible source of information. The outcome is a sustainable model of delivering housing education in schools whilst celebrating the contribution that young people make to our organisation and our communities. To achieve these outcomes, a film which supports existing resources and helps embed housing education in the school curriculum has been developed through the creation of a unique partnership.

Download the full application: Not as easy as you think


West Lothian Council – West Lothian Psychology of Parenting Project

The Psychology of Parenting Project (PoPP) is a Government sponsored project being rolled out nationally by NHS Education Scotland (NES) through Community Health and Care Partnerships (CHCP) and Community Planning Partnerships (CPP).  This three year project is aimed at improving the availability of high-quality evidence-based parenting programmes (Incredible Years Basic and Triple P Level 4) for families with young children (aged 3 and 4 years) who have elevated levels of behaviour problems.  As well as improving outcomes for this target population, PoPP builds capacity through the delivery of high quality training, supports a shift from traditional service delivery and fosters improved partnership working.  In March 2013 West Lothian CHCP was selected as a Wave 1 Implementer Site and we have recently completed year one of delivery with exciting results and early indications that this project will change future practice.  The major achievement has been 37 children moving off the high-risk scale of conduct disorder and avoiding a negative trajectory.

Download the full application: Psychology of Parenting