This category provides an opportunity to highlight creative approaches to developing Community Planning in communities across Scotland. With an emphasis on the development of outcomes approaches as a means of transforming public service, winners have demonstrated evidence of forward looking approaches to joining-up service delivery, and shown how this collaboration is delivering early intervention and prevention.

Winners have also made clear and recognised improvements to the “human element” of service delivery by enhancing and enriching the lives of residents or other service users through truly effective collaboration. Partnership working and Best Value are key to projects in this category, as well as the potential for roll-out out across the country.

In essence, our Achieving Better Outcomes winners have  demonstrated how their initiative is successful at providing outcomes within communities that make them better places in which to live and work.


Renfrewshire Council – Arts and Museums

Project Z is a multi disciplinary film and graphic novel project initially aimed at engaging in a meaningful and sustainable relationship with young people in Ferguslie Park, an area stigmatised by multiple deprivation and currently one of the most deprived datazones in Scotland (SIMD)to achieve better outcomes for both the young people and the wider community.

The main aim of the project was to create a positive image of Ferguslie Park, challenging local and national negative perceptions of the area by building in the strong community spirit which exists there. The creative workshops initially engaged with a core group of 6 young people aged 10- 18 within the area, after engaging with other initiatives / groups within the area the project engaged with a further 14 young people aged 10-18, 20 children aged 8 -12, 12 adult volunteers and the above list of partners to create an award winning film ìDawn of The Fegsî and graphic novel ìTerror at the Tannyî. Both the film and graphic novel were written, produced and starred some of our most ìhard to reachî young people, raising their expectations of what they could achieve on a personal level , developing their skills and confidence as well as the reputation of young people within the area. The film, in particular, brought together diverse groups within the area to work together to create a sense of positivity and pride in their community, leading to a safer and stronger community. ìDawn of the Fegsî received exceptionally positive coverage within the local press, as well as a feature on Radio Scotland and being selected for BFI Mediatheque raising the positive profile of Ferguslie Park across the country

Download the full application: Renfrewshire Council – Arts and Museums


Perth & Kinross Council – Go 4 Gold

The Perth & Kinross Go4Gold Care Home Olympics demonstrates an innovative approach taken to increase physical activity, improve mental health and well being and quality of life to frailer older residents living within care homes. Two hugely successful events have been held, the first in 2012 as part of the celebration for the London Olympics when 90 residents attended and the second in 2013 when 105 residents/day care clients attended.. As these were ìcompetitive eventsî involving physical challenges e.g. indoor kurling and bucket basketball, the care homes trained in the weeks and months leading up to the event with as many residents as possible involved not just those taking part on the day

Download the full application: Perth & Kinross Council – Go 4 Gold
Argyll and Bute Council – Process For Change

Process for Change was a long term programme supported at the highest level to radically change the councilís approach and outcomes around workforce management and customer service delivery. By introducing an agile working culture and support for employees and re-engineering our customer service culture and systems it has produced an end to end transformation of service delivery in one of Scotlandís most geographically challenged councils.

Download the full application: Argyll and Bute Council – Process For Change


The City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council – Zero Waste: Edinburgh and Midlothian

Zero Waste: Edinburgh and Midlothian is a major Scottish pathfinder project involving a partnership between the City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council to deliver, through private sector partners, dedicated facilities to recycle and recover value from all food and mixed waste collected by both Councils that previously would have been disposed of in landfill sites. A major contract was signed in February 2013 which will ensure that a dedicated food waste treatment facility will be operational by the end of 2015. Procurement of a second, much larger value for money contract for a dedicated mixed waste treatment facility for the end of 2017 is nearing a conclusion.

Download the full application: The City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council – Zero Waste: Edinburgh and Midlothian

South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership – Reckless Driving Wrecks Lives

The Reckless Driving Wrecks Lives (RDWL) initiative has been delivered annually since March 2005. Senior secondary school pupils in South, East and North Ayrshire are invited to attend an event which shows, in detail what happens during and after a serious road crash. The event demonstrates the impact of the crash on friends, family and other agencies who are involved in dealing with serious road crashes. Participants are shown a video depicting the lead up to and aftermath of a crash which has taken place on local roads. The video is broken into sections and interspersed with talks from members of the emergency service who recount their real life experiences of attending road crashes and dealing with casualties. Following the video the pupils hear from people who been directly involved in road accidents, including a crash victim.

Since the first presentation of RDWL in 2005, in the region of 12,000 S5/S6 pupils have attended the event. There has been a 37% reduction in fatalities of 16-25 year olds on Ayrshire roads for the 4 years 2009-2012 when compared with the previous 4 years 2005-2008. This equates to a saving of £18m in dealing with road traffic collisions resulting in fatalities for those in the 16-25 age group between the two 4 year periods.
RDWL uses a true partnership approach in delivering a road safety message to young people who may be embarking on a driving career

Download the full application: South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership – Reckless Driving Wrecks Lives


Dundee City Council – Smart Travel

The Smart Travel project is a partnership between Dundee City Council (National Entitlement Card Programme) Dundee College, National Express, and Transport Scotland. It demonstrates that Smart Travel on a ëjoined up public servicesí basis delivers better outcomes and is highly popular. 90% of students taking part in the first year agreed they are more likely to attend college even when they have no money on a particular day. This is backed up by actual increased attendance. 100% of students using the smart travel product say they will renew next year. This is also the first smart travel product loaded onto the local government owned NEC card in addition to the travel concession scheme, and provides a basis for significant joined up smart travel to smart destinationsí to improve outcomes and services.

Download the full application: Dundee City Council – Smart Travel


Highland Council – Pathfinder North

The Highland Council (THC) acts as the lead Partner and contracting agency for the strategic shared services Partnership known as Pathfinder North (PFN). PFN is a successful example of a £70 million shared services partnership between 6 Highlands and Islands (H&I) Local Authorities working in collaboration with the Scottish Government (SG). The PFN contract was the culmination of extensive collaboration between H&I Local Authorities to deliver the benefits of aggregation within the public sector and was seen as a true Pathfinder; to test the joint public sector commissioning and procurement model, and to provide affordable broadband for the delivery of public services in remote and rural areas. To date, PFN provides a total of 785 local authority and schools sites with high speed broadband connectivity, enabling the delivery of efficient and effective public services and educational content under a single contract. THC acts as the lead Partner and contracting authority on behalf of all of the local authority Partners and also hosts the Programme Office and Project Team under the management of the Head of E-Government. Whilst the costs of the Programme Office are shared by the Partnership the management and leadership costs from THC & Partners are provided free of charge to enable the Partnership to work effectively.

Download the full application: Highland Council – Pathfinder North