Give Us A Break!’ is an 8 week group programme developed by South Lanarkshire Council Psychological Service, in close collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Care and with support from NHS Lanarkshire.  Macmillan Cancer Care include ‘Give us a break!’ on their website.  The programme was developed for young people aged 10-14 years who are struggling to cope with loss and bereavement, and any significant negative change in their lives.  It provides the opportunity for young people to make sense of their experiences in a supportive environment, with other young people who have also experienced loss.   Based on a solution focused counselling approach, Give Us A Break!’ encourages young people to recognise their own and others’ strengths, and builds their capacity, in terms of emotional literacy, to cope with present and future challenges in their lives. Young people who have experienced the programme have reported increased friendship networks, improvements in school work, less time spent worrying, a better understanding of the big changes in their lives and that they have now found the right words to describe their feelings.

Download the application form: SII009 Give Us A Break