Perth & Kinross Council
Family Learning and Family Support

The multi-disciplinary North Perth Community School Team has worked with schools and communities in North Perth (within the 15% most income deprived areas (SIMD)) to produce innovative family support and family learning opportunities over the last 10 years. The focus is on tackling inequalities relating to poverty, isolation and gender and removing barriers to families accessing learning opportunities. Participation of children and families with a particular focus on including males in the family is encouraged by working in partnerships, providing crèche, free holiday activities, transport and a welcoming approach in schools. The North Perth Community School Team has always been innovative in its methodology by linking Community Learning and Development approach to family support.

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This category celebrates projects which have made recognised improvements to the “human element” of service delivery through enhancing and enriching the lives of residents. These include examples of community engagement, effective partnership working and innovation. Projects should be specific, tackling one or two particular issues and can be either a small-scale community based initiative or a large scheme.