Roma Net is an innovative Glasgow City Council (GGC) led project that aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of the 3000 plus Roma who have settled in Glasgow from Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. Funded through the EU’s URBACT II Programme, which promotes Cities and Local Authorities as the drivers for economic and social inclusion, the project has delivered a Local Action Plan for Glasgow that sets out over 50 recommendations in the fields of health, housing, education and employment that will improve the lives of the Roma living in the city. These recommendations, which were driven by the deep poverty and social exclusion of this community, include: employing 12 Roma mediators in GCC and partner organisations; supporting greater community activities by delivering enterprise support programmes and a positive image campaign; improving links with cities of origin to improve protocols with social work and; ensuring that funding is in place to support and sustain crisis support and advocacy services for Roma.

As a result of Roma Net, GCC is the leader in Roma inclusion policy at both a Scottish and an EU level. It has a number of activities that are directly benefiting the Roma community that are recognised as being of the highest quality and have therefore attracted in the region of £600,000 in funding support from the EU, Scottish Government and the Big Lottery to improve the lives of the most deprived and discriminated against community in Europe today.

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