The Quality On Road Cycle Training project has put in place the service delivery mechanisms required to provide high quality ‘Bikeability’ on-road cycle training at Primary Schools in East Renfrewshire Council.

All 23 Primary Schools delivered on-road training in 2014, the first local authority in Scotland to achieve 100% participation.

Gaining top level support in schools as well as using local partnerships has created a delivery model which is sustainable and will ensure the on-going delivery of on-road training for years to come. Evaluation found that many of the parents who undertook training this year are keen to continue their training pathway to become “Trainer Mentors” – this process is underway and supports the goal of local people delivering quality cycle training at local schools.

Training standards – and pupil results – have improved markedly thanks to training and support programmes tailored to meet schools needs. Measures have been put in place to ensure the delivery model is sustainable and can be recreated in other local authority areas.

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