Angus is an area of rural and urban challenges. The local Job Seeker Allowance (JSA) rate is 2.8% which accounts for 2,014 people, currently 18th out of the 32 local authorities. The area doesn’t attract much European funding, therefore new and innovative ways of supporting the local claimants has become a major priority. The Angus Academy approach is about providing local people with local jobs and ensuring that we are providing the appropriate skills for local employer demand. Started in 2012 through the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) Flexible Support Fund, this project supports the Angus Community Planning Vision of, ‘Angus is a place where a first class quality of life can be enjoyed by all’. This is undertaken by improving peoples self esteem, motivation, confidence and most importantly their health. The project is seen as an area of good practice as it supports the participant from initial stages of job search through training, interviews, placements and experience with the main goal of achieving employment. Through providing a skilled labour force it is also contributing to the wider strategic aim of a sustainable Scottish Economy. Download the application form: Angus Academy Approach