Public services face an unprecedented challenge: to improve outcomes for the people of Scotland and reduce inequalities at a time of increased demand.  The COSLA Excellence Awards champion and spread the word about projects that are rising to that challenge by delivering local solutions with innovation, creativity and passion. 

Our communities expect and deserve excellent public services, and so now more than ever our emphasis is on innovations that can be shared across the local government family.  To be successful, your application will therefore need to show it is original and capable of delivering ground breaking performance.

That means designing services that are affordable and sustainable for the long term, often by shifting the focus towards early intervention and prevention.

It also means developing locally integrated services that tackle inequalities, particularly amongst our most deprived communities.

Strong local democracy and communities themselves will be at the core of your project.   You’ll need to show that services work together to understand, engage and coproduce with local communities based on their needs and aspirations.

We’ll prioritise projects that are demonstrating new solutions to these challenges, and in ways that can take root across Scotland.

Our watchwords are innovation, value, and local choice and control – and to be recognised by the awards, your applications will be able to demonstrate these qualities.

More information about the awards and how to take are set out in our “Guidance for Applicants” which  can be downloaded here.