The COSLA Excellence awards focus on tackling the real challenges facing councils and communities across Scotland. 

The status quo is not an option so whether your project is about doing more with less, enabling early intervention, improving communities’ choice and control over services, or pioneering more effective ways of collaborating, we want to hear about it.

It’s pivotal that your project is demonstrating innovation- and our assessment process will prioritise this. We understand that new projects will not always be able to show results – so showing us your potential to deliver improvement is just as important.

We’re also particularly keen to celebrate projects that can help other organisations emulate your success in Scotland or beyond.


Reviewing and Improving…

We’ve been working hard to ensure that the awards continue to improve each year, and we’re delighted that we now have more applications from more organisations than ever before.


 – Focusing on innovation

The Awards are about celebrating innovative and ground breaking projects being taken forward across Scottish local government.  In particular, we want to emphasise new thinking and showcase the work going on in your organisation to respond to and plan for change. Our winners will showcase that work, and categories and scoring  has been designed to recognise those characteristics in particular.

 – Building around local communities

Successful public services will not be achieved from the top down, and that’s why our ‘Local Matters’ category highlights great projects that are making a unique difference locally.  To succeed you’ll need to show how different needs are being met with different solutions; how new ways of working are addressing the issues that matter locally; and how communities are being put at the centre of your work.

 – Expert Assessment

Our assessment teams are going from strength to strength.  All of our assessors are recognised experts or professionally qualified in quality improvement tools such as EFQM and Investors in People.  We’ve continued to fine tune the assessment criteria to help achieve this.