The COSLA Excellence Awards celebrate the very best in Scottish local government. Our emphasis is on rewarding the most innovative and passionate developments, and on recognising projects that can demonstrate excellent service delivery to communities.

Across the country, in rural and urban communities, visionary approaches are being applied to local issues and these are the kinds of projects the COSLA Excellence Awards will celebrate. We want to use the Excellence Awards to find those who are setting new standards for excellence and to help spread their good practice. If you have a project that has made a difference, we want to hear about it.

The categories for the awards are:

Category 1            Delivering Better Services

Category 2            Achieving Better Outcomes in Partnership

Category 3            Tackling Inequalities and Improving Health

Category 4            Strong and Sustainable Communities

Category 5            Local Matters

There are a further four awards which are chosen from the short-leeted applications submitted for each category. These are:

Best Team Award
This coveted accolade is awarded in recognition of projects that demonstrate outstanding all round team performance or ground breaking partnership working.

Chair’s Award
Selected from short leeted applications of exceptional standard, winners must demonstrate achievements that have been conducted in exceptional circumstances or that are beyond the limit stipulated in the award categories.

Delivering Excellence Award
Awarded in recognition of public sector excellence for projects that demonstrate particular excellence and achievement, often outwith the specific criteria of the main award categories.

Excellent Outcomes, Excellent People Award
Effective people are at the heart of local government excellence, and this award seeks out innovative projects that have made an outstanding impact by transforming workforces and equipping staff to rise to new challenges